CHIPS for businesses

No matter what business you are in, you can use CHIPS to improve your efficiency and lower your costs.  Wholesalers, retailers, service providers, government entities, NGOs, educational institutions, religious organisations, charities, clubs, etc., can benefit from CHIPS in numerous ways.

2% maximum fee on all payments received


Single payment collection system

Payment collection

CHIPS offers your organisation various cost-efficient alternatives to collect payment from your customers, including:

Pre-printed Payment Codes (on order)
Printed Masterpass QR codes are available from CHIPS.  These codes can be ordered by making a request on our support form (under Contact Us) and comes with display stand options.   Once received, these QR codes you would simply link the code received to your CHIPS account by using miBusiness Portal (see below).

Self-created Payment Codes
Using your miBusiness Portal, you can create and print your own QR codes and mount the codes as you would like, for display to at your tills.  You can also display your QR codes on your website for payment, or insert them on your invoices. 

CHIPS PayNow app
PayNow is a simple to use mobile app that is ideal when you have one or more mobile payment collection points, for example, in restaurants, take away deliveries and payment on delivery situations. The payments collected by the roving staff all come in to your CHIPS account and notifications of successful payments are provided.

CHIPS SmartPos device
CHIPS provides a desktop acquiring device that is fully integrated with miBusiness and ideal for retail outlets with multiple payment points.

API integration
Organisational back-end systems can integrate with CHIPS through the Omnea Open Banking Platform, using CHIPS APIs, if required.


Cost of payment collection:

2% of transaction value, plus VAT
(excluding cost of POS device, if required)

A payment administration system (CHIPS miBusiness)

miBusiness is a web portal designed for organisations to manage their payment receipts and to make payments from the funds received.  The portal offers functions typically performed within a finance function, including large-value payments as well as bulk payments such as salary payments and supplier settlements.

Cost of miBusiness:

Free for the first 12 months
and R49.99 per month thereafter

miBusiness provides the following features for organisations and commercial entities:

  • A single payment collection destination for all payments made to your organisation or business, including CHIPS, mobile, instant EFT, and card payments
  • Create payment requests (single or in bulk) and distributes the requests to your customers
  • Pay wages / salaries to your staff (single or in bulk)
  • Pay suppliers and service providers (single or in bulk)
  • Make immediate transfers to the organisation’s bank accounts
  • Enable cash on delivery
  • Improve liquidity utilisation due to incoming funds being applied to your account immediately on receipt, thereby eliminating clearing delays applicable in traditional payments systems
  • Invite customers, suppliers, employees, etc. to join CHIPS (single or in bulk)
  • Export data in Excel or csv format
  • Manage your staff's access to system functions as well as their authorisation levels

How to register for CHIPS

To register your organisation as a CHIPS™ user, please click on the button below to access our online registration process. 

Once registered, your application will be processed for FICA compliance. Once approved, a CHIPS account will be opened for your organisation and you will receive the necessary information to access your miBusiness portal to set up your company's organisational profile and to start receiving and making payments.
If you need more information, please use the Contact Us tab, complete the form and we will get back to you.

The CHIPS Payment Network, provided by Omnea to the South African market, is a secure mechanism that enables organisations (i.e. merchants, service providers, government services, schools, churches, charities, etc)  to create private peer-to-peer payment networks between them and their CHIPS-enabled counterparties, such as suppliers, customers, employees, members, etc.


About Omnea

Omnea forms part of the XEA Capital group and provides businesses with access to secure and reliable payment platforms across Africa.

Omnea now also offers CHIPS, as a service, to South African consumers, businesses and other organisations, as well as government.


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