CHIPS is like cash
safer and more convenient

Money received is visible and immediately available

Money received is visible and immediately available

When receiving non-cash payments into your bank account from your employer/ customers/ family/ others, is it always immediately available to you? Unless the payer is with the same bank as you, there will probably be delays.

With CHIPS you are notified of all payments made into your CHIPS account and the money is available immediately for you to use..

Pay or send money to anyone, anytime - wherever you are

Pay or send money to anyone, anytime - wherever you are

Have you ever needed to withdraw cash to pay someone? What a hassle!

With CHIPS you can use your CHIPS Money Manager app to send cash to any mobile phone number, for the recipient to withdraw at a Nedbank or FNB ATM. Even easier is if you can convince the person to quickly download and register for CHIPS Money Manager, making payment and the use of the money by the recipient even easier and more convenient.

Buy groceries, deposit and withdraw cash at Shoprite & Checkers stores

Buy groceries, deposit and withdraw cash at Shoprite/Checkers stores everywhere

Have you ever had a trolly full of goods at the till before realising that you left your wallet or purse at home. No worries, you can now shop by using your mobile phone. If you are short of money on your phone you can, in less than 30 seconds load money from your bank account into CHIPS and pay for your goods. Paying has never been this easy.

You can use CHIPS at any Shoprite/Checkers till by providing a number created by your CHIPS Money Manager app. You simply provide the number to the till operator, or key the number in on the speedpoint key pad.

Where you see this sign you can pay with CHIPS

Where you see Masterpass you can pay with CHIPS 

Think you can pay anywhere with a credit or debit card? Only if the business/ organisation is large enough to qualify for card machines and has a bank account.

With CHIPS, the possibilities are endless. You can already purchase from anyone using the CHIPS Money Manager app, by scanning a payment request that they can create with their app. You can also spend at more than 150 000 pay point across South Africa where the CHIPS, Masterpass, Zapper or Snapscan signage is displayed, and the same applies to eCommerce sites.

Empower your employees

Empower others

You can make an active contribution to the well being of fellow South Africans by introducing them to CHIPS. If you pay your employees using CHIPS, they would be less likely to be robbed and be able to participate in the electronic economy.

With CHIPS your employees get a free investment account, accessible from their mobile, and can use their mobile to send money home, buy goods in stores and withdraw cash – day and night, wherever they are.

Make life a little easier for yourself and others

Make life little easier for yourself and others

Wherever you are, you can buy airtime and data using your phone. You can also do the same for others in your household or in your workplace, meaning that they so not need to drive or walk to get to a place where they can top up their phones. You can also act as an ATM for others by provide them with cash in exchange for CHIPS or visa versa.

Besides the speed and convenience of being able to purchase prepaid airtime, SMS and data bundles within your CHIPS app, you are also not charged anything additional for making that purchase.

About Trustlink

Trustlink (Pty) Ltd, a South African company established in 2002 is a trusted payment and solution provider to banks, other financial institutions and blue chip corporates across 28 African countries.

Trustlink now also offers CHIPS, as a service, to South African consumers, businesses and other organisations, as well as government.


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