Send and receive money with CHIPS


Send money

You can send money to other people using your CHIPS Money Manager app.

You can select the person's name from your links or you can select a mobile number from your phone contacts.

If the recipient is a CHIPS user:

You would fill in the payment to be made on the screen presented and simply send.  The amount specified is immediately transferred from your CHIPS account to the CHIPS account of the recipient.  A minimal fee (1 cent to a maximum of R2.50) is charged based on the amount you are sending.

If the recipient is not a CHIPS user:

You can still send the person money to any South African mobile number, using the Send Cash via SMS function.  The recipient will receive a code that can be used to withdraw the amount sent, at ATMs of selected banks.


Create a request to receive payment

If you require a payment from another person you can use your Money Manager app to create a payment request (QR code).  This QR code can be shown to the person who needs to pay you or can be sent to the other party by inserting the QR code in a WhatsApp, email or sms message and sending it off.

Payment requests created and presented by you attracts a fee of 0.5% of the value requested, capped at a reasonable amount. 


Receive money

Money can be transferred to your CHIPS account by any CHIPS user or CHIPS-enabled businesses or organisations.  Such payments could be salary or wage payments, donations, dividends, grants, payments for services rendered, etc. or money could be from a family member or friend.

You receive the money the moment it is sent to you – at no cost to you.

About Trustlink

Trustlink (Pty) Ltd is a South African company, established in 2002. Since its inception, Trustlink is a trusted payment and solution provider to banks, other financial institutions and blue chip corporates in Sub Saharan Africa.  Trustlink is also the SWIFT business partner in the region. Trustlink now offers CHIPS, as a service, under license, to the South African consumers, business and other organisations, as well as government.


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