Saving and earning money


Save costs

Your CHIPS Money Manager app can be downloaded free of charge and there is no once-off or monthly fee associated with being a CHIPS account holder. 

Furthermore, paying for goods and services costs you nothing.

To send money to other CHIPS Money Manager users (friends, dependents, etc), you will be charged a small fee (between 1 cent and R2.50, VAT excluded), depending on the value transmitted (the charge is indicated to you for authorisation). 


Receive money back from purchases

CHIPS encourages stores and service providers to provide discounts and rewards to CHIPS Money Manager users.  By transacting with these businesses you will automatically receive money back.

Monies received in this way from stores and service providers will be indicated under Save on your Transact menu screen.  Payment will be made directly into your CHIPS account and such receipts will be displayed in your app's transaction History.


Earn interest on your account balance

Money held in your CHIPS account will earn you interest.  The interest will be paid into your CHIPS account at month end and indicated in your app's Save function displayed on the Transact menu screen.

Interest received will also be displayed in your Money Manager app's transaction History.


Earn referral commission

You can use CHIPS to earn money by inviting your friends, dependents, employees, customers, etc. to download the CHIPS Money Manager app and register as CHIPS users.  For each and every successful registration by persons referred by you, you will earn a small commission fee on the value of the transaction, every time your referral uses his/her CHIPS Money Manager app to transact with a CHIPS enabled business or organisation.


Earn agent commission

You can also earn commission, as a CHIPS agent, for every business or organisation that you successfully register for CHIPS.

An agent will earn a small commission fee on every CHIPS transaction made to the business or organisation, recruited by the agent, as well as on every transaction made by the business/organisation.

The agent commission is based on a percentage of the transaction fee earned by Trustlink. 

Details on registration of agents and what it entails, can be found on the landing page under the Agent Registration button.

Similar to referral commission the agent commission will be reflected under the Save function and funds received will be shown under the transaction History of the app.

About Trustlink

Trustlink (Pty) Ltd is a South African company, established in 2002. Since its inception, Trustlink is a trusted payment and solution provider to banks, other financial institutions and blue chip corporates in Sub Saharan Africa.  Trustlink is also the SWIFT business partner in the region. Trustlink now offers CHIPS, as a service, under license, to the South African consumers, business and other organisations, as well as government.


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