Transfer money to and from CHIPS


Transfer money to your CHIPS account

Money can be loaded into your CHIPS account in a number of ways:

  1. You can ask your employer to pay your salary/wage directly into your CHIPS account.  This is by far the best option for an employee, because -
    • It gives you full control over your money;
    • It is the most cost-effective option for you - no monthly account fee, no unauthorised deductions, and low or no transaction fees; and
    • You earn interest on your money for as long as it is in your CHIPS account.
  2. You can transfer money from your bank account into your CHIPS account in near real-time.
  3. You can utilise services provided by participating stores to put money into your CHIPS account at the till.
  4. You can use money exchangers or a friend to swop your cash for their CHIPS.

Withdraw cash from your CHIPS account

You can withdraw cash (bank notes) in three ways:

  1. Withdraw cash at selected ATMs.
  2. Request 'Cash Out' at the tills of participating stores
  3. You can use money exchangers or a friend to swop your CHIPS for their cash.

Transfer money from your CHIPS account to your bank account

You can easily and safely transfer money to your bank account at a minimal cost using your CHIPS Money Manager app.

About Trustlink

Trustlink (Pty) Ltd is a South African company, established in 2002. Since its inception, Trustlink is a trusted payment and solution provider to banks, other financial institutions and blue chip corporates in Sub Saharan Africa.  Trustlink is also the SWIFT business partner in the region. Trustlink now offers CHIPS, as a service, under license, to the South African consumers, business and other organisations, as well as government.


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