CHIPS for Organisations


The CHIPS Payment Network, provided by Trustlink to the South African market, is a secure mechanism that enables organisations (i.e. merchants, service providers, government services, schools, churches, charities, etc)  to create private peer-to-peer payment networks between them and their CHIPS-enabled counterparties, be they suppliers, customers, employees, members, etc.

To join the CHIPS Payment Network, organisations can register online by clicking on the Register my Business tab below.  As part of the registration process, your organisations is verified for FICA compliance.  On successful registration, a CHIPS account is opened in the CHIPS Value Store in the name of the organisation.  The business also receives sign-on information to access its dedicated miBusiness portal where business details can be provided and authorised users can be registered.

CHIPS miBusiness Portal

miBusiness is a web portal designed for organisations businesses to manage their payment receipts and to make payments from the funds received.  The portal offers the CHIPS capabilities outlined on this website above plus functions typically performed within a finance function, including large-value payments as well as bulk payments such as salary payments and supplier settlements.

miBusiness provides the following functionality:

  • receiving payments into its CHIPS account, with immediate finality, from either CHIPS users or instaPay users
  • making secure payments to suppliers, service providers, principals, etc.
  • payments of salaries/wages to CHIPS accounts of employees 
  • making immediate transfers to the organisation’s bank accounts
  • enabling cash on delivery
  • improving liquidity utilisation
  • enabling two-way communication with customers or members
  • making bulk invitations to customers/members/etc. to join the CHIPS network (earning a share of the transactions fees on the future transactions of invited parties)
  • enabling analyses of customer activity
  • Etc.

CHIPS Payment Acquiring Alternatives

Organisations can receive CHIPS payments through a number of mechanisms, including:

  • CHIPS’s proprietary payment-acquiring devices are free-standing units that can be used with any point-of-sale system.
  • CHIPS's payNow app provides a low cost, easy-to-use payment acquiring option for organisations that make use of mulitple payment collectors, to cater for,  for example, off-site deliveries, service staff,  roving product sellers, etc.  
  • The innovative inXor (nX) intelligent consumer interface interacts with your POS system.  The nX screens connect easily to most POS systems and offer value-added services in addition to presenting a QR code for CHIPS payments.
  • Organisations utilising the wiGroup mobile payment platform can accept payments from CHIPS users as well as offer a cash withdrawals service.

Organisational back-end systems can integrate with CHIPS through the CHIPS API gateway, if required.

About Trustlink

Trustlink (Pty) Ltd is a South African company, established in 2002. Since its inception, Trustlink is a trusted payment and solution provider to banks, other financial institutions and blue chip corporates in Sub Saharan Africa.  Trustlink is also the SWIFT business partner in the region. Trustlink now offers CHIPS, as a service, under license, to the South African consumers, business and other organisations, as well as government.


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