CHIPS Agent Programme


Trustlink invites persons or organisations, interested in earning commission, to join the CHIPS Agency Programme.   The ideal agent will typically be a self-starter that has the ability to explain the benefits and inner workings of CHIPS to potential CHIPS-enabled organisations (e.g. merchants, service providers, financial service providers,  government entities, municipalities etc.) and organisations (e.g. trade unions, societies, churches, charities, universities, schools, clubs, NGOs, etc.) and sign them up to join the CHIPS payment network.  Agents who successfully sign up businesses and  organisations (defined as any entity with multiple members, e.g. customers, employees, agents, suppliers, members, etc.) will qualify for annuity income.   This means that anyone with the necessary familiarity with the CHIPS payment network can generate income for themselves – not a one-time payment but an income stream that will pay out monthly for the duration of the agency agreement.  The income that an agent can generate is based solely on the value and volume of CHIPS transactions done with and by the organisations signed up by you.

If you believe that you have the confidence and ability to entice organisations to adopt the CHIPS Payment Network, you can create your own income generating micro business or additional revenue stream for your business or organisation – without any investment other than a smart phone and access to a wifi network or mobile data.

In order to qualify as an agent you would need the following:

  1. Be a user of the CHIPS Money Manager app, having done a number of CHIPS transactions, i.e. the various spend and send transactions as well as having utilised the CHIPS Market Place for buying prepaid services;
  2. Be willing and capable to assist organisations with the registration processes and the utilisation of the CHIPS miBusiness system (a system used by businesses and organisations to manage their CHIPS payment network participation); and
  3. Have no criminal record.

About Trustlink

Trustlink (Pty) Ltd is a South African company, established in 2002. Since its inception, Trustlink is a trusted payment and solution provider to banks, other financial institutions and blue chip corporates in Sub Saharan Africa.  Trustlink is also the SWIFT business partner in the region. Trustlink now offers CHIPS, as a service, under license, to the South African consumers, business and other organisations, as well as government.


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